Friday, May 31, 2024

Be on the Watch

Life can be going great. You are happy and it seems like you find yourself on cloud nine. 


And you find yourself having zill to do something for God, or God has giving you an assignment to complete, and you are up for the challenge. You want to do for God, because that is what he requires of us. 


But then, it seems like everything starts going wrong in your life and the feeling you had is gone. 



1 Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeing whom he may devour”


It is funny how God brought this scripture to my mind. 

When I wrote this blog, I was getting ready for a women’s program at my church, and I was getting my mind and my heart ready for it. It seemed like everything was coming my way to get my mind off what God had for me to do.  But I had to realize what was going on. 

To give a better understanding, I had to look up the meaning of a few words.  


So, in my Strong Concordance, I looked up the word adversary.


It stated that the word adversaries mean “those who actively oppose” Then it gave me who that word described. It listed Satan, gospels enemies and a rival. That is just to name a few.


Then in 1 Peter 5:8 state he was “as a roaring lion seeking who me may devour


Have you ever watched on of the animal documentaries and you see a lion waiting on its prey. They just don’t pounce the minute they see it; they wait. They take their time, and they watch their prey. They study its movements, and when they see they have their guard down, that is when they strike. 


See, the devil does not want to see the children of God happy. He wants to see us down and not looking to God for help. He strikes when we are at our weakness. 


And that is when he gets what he wants, and he tries to devour us like he wants to.


Devour simply means to eat up. 


So, 1 Peter 5:8 is saying to watch out because the devil is watching you and waiting for the right time to jump on you forget your mind off God.




But the first part of that scripture says “be sober, be vigilant” well what that means?


Vigilant means keeping a careful watch for possible danger or difficulties. 


Sober simply means not drunk.


The bible tells us to be sober and vigilant because God wants us to keep a clear mind so we can be on a lookout for possible danger the devil may try to bring in our lives.  


See, he is not always going to show his true self. He could come as a friendly face, someone we have known for a long time, or even a family member. 


We must be watchful so we can recognize when he shows himself and we can recognize that it is time for us to remove ourselves from that danger. 



Being a child of God does not mean that we just take whatever the devil throws at us. That is why the bible says we must sober. Just like the devil is watching us to try to get us off track, we must watch out and understand what he is doing so we can remove ourselves. 


God Bless.




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Be on the Watch

Life can be going great. You are happy and it seems like you find yourself on cloud nine.    And you find yourself having zill to do somethi...