Monday, August 7, 2023

Quality time with God

Quality Time with God



Have you ever just been sitting at home by yourself, and you find yourself having a whole conversation with God? You may have thought you were going crazy, but the conversation was a good conversation. 


It had you sort of in your feelings because you did not want it to end.  That is the most wonderful feeling in the world. 


To know you have that kind of relationship with God where you can have a lovely conversation with him, and you know without a shadow of a doubt that it is him that you are having a conversation with. 


I find it funny how I got to this point in my life of writing and sharing inspirational messages with you all.


I really started studying and getting into the bible a few years ago. I always heard of the importance of studying and having time with God, but I never really did it for myself. Even after watching the movie “War Room” I never really got into having time with God. 


But a few years ago, as I started coming to a point in my life that I wanted to have that relationship with God for myself I started to understand the importance of quality time with him. 


I look at it like when you know how when you are in the beginning of a relationship with somebody you just met. You want to spend every minute of the day with that person getting to know them, because you really like them. You find yourself on the phone with this person day in and day out, and when you do get the chance to go out, you want to take advantage of that time together. 


When you are apart, that person is all you can think about. You think about your conversations that you all had together. You think about the time that you all spent around each other letting your relationship grow. 


Just like you long to have that quality time with the person that you love and want to spend every moment with them, you must have that mindset of spending time with God. 


Once I started making time to spend with God, I found myself feeling weird when I did not spend time with him. It may had been an hour or a few hours or even a few minutes that I got to spend time with him, but I wanted to make sure that I spent that time. 


I am going to confess something to you. I know this may sound weird, but this is my truth and why I stopped getting on Tic toc. 


So, I started watching Tic Toc a while ago and I truly love it. But I quicky realized that it was something that I had to let go of. It was consuming my life in so many ways. 


While there are some great people on Tic Toc and their content is very funny and very inspirational, I had to realize that I was spending all my time on this app where I could be spending time with God. 

Now I am not saying that this is a bad app, and no one need to be on it. I am not saying that at all. Some people can control how long they are on it. It was a problem for me, because all I wanted to do was to scroll on it. 


So, I made the decision to get rid of it and start focusing on my time with God. It was the best decision I made.


Because once I started spending that quality time with God, it made me understand my walk with him better.


I am now able to see things in a different light than before and I can understand a lot of things that I find myself going through.  I even find myself finding lessons in everything that I go through. 


You will have a better relationship with God for yourself when you take time out to spend with God on your own. 


But how do you spend quality time with God? 


It is so simple. Read your bible on your own. Study the bible and get a deeper understanding of what it is talking about. Take note so you can truly understand what you are reading. If there is something that you do not understand, go to leader of your church, and get clarification. But you must make sure that study his word and talk to God about how you feel about things no matter how big or small you think it is. There is noting that God cannot handle on your behalf.



So, make sure you are having your quality time with God and you will be able to grow in God.


God bless.  

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