Stand for God with Boldness

One of the hardest things that I have had to face since I started this journey to have a better relationship with God, is my boldness when it comes to people. 

Now you may be wondering, what does people have to do with your journey to have a better relationship with God? I am so glad you asked. See, I have always wanted the approval of people in my life to validate that I was doing something right. I wanted people to tell me how good of a job I was doing, but I realized I was going about it all the wrong way. 

I coward down alot, because I wanted that approval from others. I would never stood up for what I knew God was telling me to do. I always just took what others said, and just shyness would always set in. 

What I found out was that people were not the answer to what I was trying to do for God. I did not need their approval. I found out the hard way, that I was not going to get the approval of man, because they do not understand what God is doing in my life. 

But I found myself more often than not, going by what people said to me, instead of standing with boldness on what God has said. 

The story of Daniel in Daniel chapter 6 came to mind.

(Mind you I am paraphrasing, go read Daniel chapter 6 for yourself to get the bigger picture)

 Daniel was liked above the presidents by the king because of the spirit that was in him. Well the other presidents and princes did not like that. They tried to find something against him because they did not like Daniel,  but they could not. 

When they could not find anything wrong with Daniel, they got together and had the king make a decree that no one was to pray to any other god, for 30 days. When Daniel heard this, he went and prayed in front of his window 3 times a day.  He did not let anyone stop him from praying to God in his own way.

I am going to stop right there, because that speaks volume when it comes to your relationship with God. 

You have to have your own relationship with God, because man will never understand your relationship with God. 

Daniel could have very well gone alone with the decree and not pray. But not only did he pray, but he was bold and prayed where they could see him. He was not afraid of what man could do to him, he knew that God was going to be with him. 

No matter what goes on in your life, you have to live your life for God. Do not let anyone tell you what you should be doing. God will always give you the answer that you are looking for. He will let you know what it is that he wants you to do for your life. 

Daniel knew that no matter what, God was going to be with him, and he was. When they threw him in the lion's den, God shut the lion's mouth and no harm was done to Daniel. 

You have to show people that you are not afraid to stand for God. It is easy for us to go along with the crowd, just because someone told you to do it, but it takes boldness to stand alone when you know what God has said. Because he will always be there for you no matter what may come your way. 


  God bless!


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