Gaining Strength From my Covid 19 experience.

 Gaining Strength 

     I have gone through a lot of things in my life. Some things are good, and I am happy to share, but some things are embarrassing, and I wish I never put myself in that situation. This week, I was face with scary health issues that I was not expecting to deal with. This week, I found out that I had covid-19. When I found out I had it, I did not know what to do, but I am learning that God puts us in certain situations to show us his mighty strength and to let us know he is who we need to lean on.

Dealing with having covid- 19 was one of the hardest things that I have done. So, I found out by chance last week that I had covid. I went to work last Tuesday feeling ok, I just had some issues with my breathing. I already have asthma, so I thought I just needed a simple breathing treatment and I would feel so much better. So, after work, I went to the emergency room at the hospital. I was getting upset because I felt like it took me forever to get to be seen, but something kept telling me to stay there. Finally, I got seen about midnight. The doctor told me that she could tell I was having a hard time breathing.  She said the only way I could get a breathing treatment was to get a covid test. I agreed, and it came back positive. I was devastated. I did not know how to handle being away from my kids and having to quarantine by myself was very hard for me.  To me, I thought my life was over.It was hard in the beginning, but everybody kept telling me it was going to be ok.  I wanted to have a pity party for myself but what was the point in doing that? I just knew I had to take it one day at a time.

 About the 3rd day of being in quarantine,  God gave the scripture in Psalm 28:7 “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him” (KJV)  

Oh man!!! When I read that scripture, I knew that it was for me. I was feeling like I had no where to turn in my feelings. I felt all alone and that I was all by myself. But the scripture said he was my “strength and my shield”! That means that he would give me the strength to go through what I had to go through, and at the same time, he would protect me!  WHAT!!!! You mean to tell me that God was going to do that……. For me!!!!!  Yes. There may be times in our lives where we are faced with a situation that we don’t know how we are going to handle it. But God will never put us in a situation that we cannot handle. It may seem like we cannot handle it while we are going through it, but God is always there.

 In 1 Chronicles 16:11 is says, “Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually.” (KJV).  With our whole heart, we should ALWAYS look to God for his strength. It said “ Seek his face continually”, not just when things get bad and we have nowhere else to turn. He should be in our thoughts always. Every minute, every hour, every day. This is when we should get into the word of God. That is the only way we are going to get the strength from him. By knowing his word, studying, and praying to God. When we do that we are looking for daily in our lives.

It was a hard thing to get out my own way and realize that God was giving me the strength to make through.  Then I realize that I had to go through this situation to hear the voice of the Lord. “Mine Blown!!” See, sometimes God has to get you all by yourself in order for you to hear him and to look to him and not other people   No matter what goes on in your life when you feel like you cannot go on, God will give you the strength to make it through.

            I thank God that I only had mild symptoms and I was not as sick as I could have been. I believe that God does not make mistakes when he allows us to go through the things that we go through.  We are made to rely on Gods strength, and that is what we need to do, knowing we will be stronger in the end.  

God Bless


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