Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Never Give up on your Dreams


    They say "Amanda, you talk a lot about dreams that  you have and the things that you are wanting to do in your life. Why is that so important for you to talk to others about their dreams? Dreams are not real, and they are just a waste of peoples time." And honestly, I had to think about that. Is what they saying true? Is it a waste of time? Why is it so important to me to tell others about perusing their dreams and to tell them little  about mine?

    Well the answer is simple. I have always had dreams. I have been a "dreamer" for as long as I can remember. There have been so many things that I could see my self doing for so long and the list is impressive. But even though I have had these dreams for myself   and I have always kept my dreams in the back of my head. I never really shared my dreams with others, for fear of them judging me.  For years, I hid my dreams away like a bad secret, because of what I thought others might say about them. It was something that I had put into my mind about their opinions. But I quickly learned that was far from the truth.

    One day, I took a good look in the mirror. The image that was staring me right in the face was not what what I dreamed of.  I was seeing everyone around me doing things that they wanted to do. They was starting their own business and they were living the life that they wanted to. They were living their dream! So I thought to myself, 'Hey, If they can live their dream, then so can I'. I realized that what I saw was not for me, and I had to do something about it. I was able to wake up and see that my dreams could be reality. I started doing the things that I dreamed of doing, my YouTube channel and my blog, and I find myself a happier person for it. 

    I say all that to say this. Never put your dreams in the back of your mind because you feel like it is something that you cannot accomplish. Though the road may be scary, and it may be a little rough, it is your responsibility to make your dreams a reality. Make them come true no matter how big or small that you may thing that they are. It is your life, your dreams, so bring them to life! 

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